New surroundings

Granollers, Spain

I arrived safely in Singapore, then Barcelona. I caught a train to Granollers and called my host, Raquel, who came to pick me up and showed me her house – my new home for the next five weeks.

We were greeted noisily by her two gorgeous German Shepherds, Vincy and Nit (that means ‘night’ in Catalan). Vincy is nine, a sweet old dog who likes lying in the shade. Nit is just one and loves to play and bounce. The house is an old one, Raquel’s grandparents’ house. When she told me it was an old house, I pictured an old wooden villa, with rattly windows and peeling paint. So English, I guess.

Vincy (9, background) and Nit (1)


Nit and one of her many soccer balls.

We pulled up to a square white concrete house with brown edgings and wrought iron gates. The grass and garden are slightly overgrown and there’s an empty pool, bright blue with orange brick surrounds, in the middle of the path to the door. There’s an antechamber with a flat screen tv and a small couch, and through that, the cosy living room. There’s a fire place, two large armchairs, a big bay window with cushions and pillows, a book cabinet filled with Spanish and Catalan books and a larger flat screen tv on top. The walls are clean and white with the odd framed painting hanging, and a stone staircase with a beautiful dark wooden railing dominates one side of the room. The ceiling is high – two stories, and upstairs are four doors: two leading to bricked terraces that catch the warm Spanish sun, and the other two go into my room.

My home for the next five weeks

My favourite place to sit

Looking up from the bay window seat

One is unused and blocked by the double bed. I have two windows, a lamp, three chairs, a small table for working at and a bedside table with two potplants on it. I’ve unpacked my things into the large cupboards and already feel at home.

Off the living room, a wooden and glass door lead to a small hallway, off which are the garage and laundry, dining room, bathroom and Raquel’s bedroom and study. The kitchen is through the dining room and has a strange large but very shallow ceramic sink.

Raquel had to go back to work yesterday, and I showered and set up my room. In one of the cupboards I found a row of English books. I spent most of the day reading Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment and fell asleep about 8pm. I didn’t hear Raquel and her boyfriend come home, and slept a full 11 hours.

Today is Saturday, but Labour Day, so nothing is open. Raquel was nice enough to buy me some basic food to eat today. The sun is not shining. In fact the weather was nicer in Wellington. It is spring, though, which I am far happier with than autumn, mainly because of what I know is coming.

I haven’t written anything so far, but I’m keen to get onto my stories. I’ve just realised this blog entry is really boring.

Raquel seems really nice and her English is excellent. I can’t say the same about the dogs (well, they’re also wonderful and I already love them, but they don’t understand English so well). I keep hearing what I think is an owl, but it’s day time. Also, this morning from my room, I heard the rooster next door and what sounded like a small elephant trumpeting. I don’t want to be disappointed, so I won’t go searching for the source of the latter sound. I’d much rather believe there’s a baby elephant in the neighbour’s garden.

I’m going to grab my camera and go for a walk.

xoxo Emma

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2 thoughts on “New surroundings

  1. First things first…..why would you have the leave a comment at the top of a blog entry…I personally read blogs and and then look to comment at the bottom.

    Other than that, send me the puppies I want them, your blog need photos, I command you.

    Sounds fab I’m super jealous of your Spanish ways. And the all important question, are you coastal or at least is there some waterway near by?

    What are you writing about at the mo?

    • I thought it was stupid too. I need someone to design me a theme that I like the look of, yet doesn’t make retarded mistakes like having the ‘leave a comment’ button at the top.
      Photos coming.
      Puppies not coming. Muna wouldn’t approve.
      Not coastal, but only half an hour from Barcelona and city-beachyness on the train. There is a small river, but not nice enough to hang out by.
      Writing = Children’s Picture Books. Going to blog about it soon. NaPiBoWriWee!

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