Look! I survived my first week of structure since November!

It was more difficult than I’d hoped, but I stayed awake through all of my classes and even managed to go out for a few drinks with some other teachers and some students last night.

I’m officially over my jetlag but that doesn’t mean I’m thinking straight.

The sun has been out today and I’m in a good mood, although I’ve made very little progress on the assignment that’s due in 4 days.

Finished watching the movie I started the other night while trying to stay awake, and I fully recommend it: The Fall is sweet and beautiful and made me laugh and cry and laugh again.

My thoughts are very disorganised today, so not much I can really write about. Need to focus. I wonder if I can get hold of any bergamot essence here? I used to put it in my oil burner it when I studied in high school and it helped me concentrate.

Haven’t written anything new this week – too many forms to fill out for my classes – usually about three pages of lesson plan, three of aims and analysis, two of notes, one of evaluation, one of observation. The thing I always hated about being a Brownie leader was the paperwork, and I can tell it’s going to be the same with teaching.

Bleh, too lazy to find photos to put with this post. Hopefully I’ll finish my assignment tomorrow and be able to write more after that. Ooh, and I may be going walking in the hills tomorrow! Yuss.

Again with the disorganised, just remembered to mention that we have dates for a mini-Oulu reunion in Barcelona on the weekend of the 19th and 20th of June. Soraya and Alfred live in Barcelona, so they’ll be there; Maite and Maria are flying in, and hopefully some others, too! Yay.

Ok, gonna go do some more work and get my head together.

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