I found the house of books

I have to say, Spain has really put on the weather today! Sadly, I’ve had to stay inside all day doing my assignment.

We had a long weekend. A local* holiday meant I didn’t have to go to school on Friday. Despite this, I’ve still had a very unproductive weekend. I did, however, go to Barcelona for the day yesterday. I sat on the tourist hop-on-hop-off bus and listened to the seemingly random commentary. I wandered around the streets, enjoyed the architecture (okay, mainly just the Gaudi stuff. Architecture in generally doesn’t interest me, but it’s hard not to be taken in by the whimsical world of Gaudi), ate a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (Ben, Jerry, you need to make your move on New Zealand. If you don’t, I may never go home), and found a bookshop. Wallet lighter, bag heavier, I returned to Canovelles in the rain. It’s only a half hour walk to the train station and half an hour in the train to Barcelona, so I really should do it more often. Because it was raining when I got back, I waited for a bus instead of walking, and successfully caught it, and even got off at the right stop! In addition, I made old people smile by standing up so they could take my seat when the bus got full. Okay, so old people are my least favourite people in general, but they’re still people (well, I have no proof otherwise, so I’m running with this assumption), and making people smile makes me happy.

You know what else makes me happy? Not writing assignments. Pity it’s not something that I have experienced this weekend.

I’ve also not written anything else, except for a few HNZ things (if you don’t know what that is, you probably don’t need to know, unless you like geeky text-based roleplaying things, and then you should email me for more info). To be honest, I haven’t even written any lesson plans, which I really should have done.

In terms of things I have done: I watched the first five Harry Potter movies in a row. I read Yes Man. I spoke fragmented Spanish to the girl in the chocolate shop. (A whole chocolate shop!) I did some stretches on the terrace in the sun. I began The Seven Pillars of Wisdom but felt guilty about it because I haven’t done enough work on my assignment yet. That’s about all. Oh, I played with the dogs and chatted with Raquel and considered going for a run, but decided against it, simply because I don’t actually like running, no matter how good I feel afterwards.

Meh, another crap post. Feel like I should get back to my assignment instead of trying to make it better.

*Local meaning only Granollers. Five minutes down the street, you move into what is technically another town, and everything is open.

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