Make new friends…

Waaaa! This is where I need a :frantics: emoticon.

The 10 days since my last post has been wonderful. With a capital FUL(l).

I’ve been making notes and beginning blog posts and composing bits and pieces of prose in my head whenever I’ve had a spare moment, but mostly I fall asleep before I get a chance to do anything with them.

The basics of what I’ve been meaning to blog about are:

  • Month Without Plastic: This is going DISASTROUSLY. Plastic is everywhere.
  • “Remember Oulu… in Spain!”: This went AMAZINGLY. Any weekend that includes old friends, the beach, foreign languages, nights out when you don’t get home until 8 the next morning and lots of laughs cannot possibly be a bad thing.
  • My move to England, my new home and new job. So much to say! I’m very happy here. That’s all I have time for right now.



“Make new friends/but keep the old./One is silver/and the other gold.

A circle’s round,/it has no end;/that’s how long/I want to be your friend.

Amistád/es lo que nos une/Y lo que nos hace/progressar”

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