dangerous habits

I’m working way too much. I don’t have to, but the work needs doing and I enjoy it. But it’s still work, and it’s taking over my life. It seems like every time I get my skin looking reasonable, I work a six day week and end up looking like an oily teenager.

I have two days off from tomorrow, but a new Journey through London event (JTL) starts tomorrow, with 41 participants, and their invoices aren’t ready. My aim is to get them done by nine fifteen in the morning so I can go to ballet at ten and not have to worry about it for the weekend.

Aah Pax Lodge. I love this place, but it’s way too easy to work too much.

I miss having friends to visit. I’ve been looking at people’s photos on facebook and feeling nostalgic for Korea. I didn’t like living in Daegu, but I miss the people from Yale. I miss Tris just because it’s hard to have your whole life revolve around someone for five years and then not have them around any more.

I need some adventure. I need to get out of this building. Ok, that’s it. I’m off for a walk.

Although I would like to state, for the record, that I disapprove of this whole ‘days-getting-shorter-and-colder-and-summer-turning-into-winter’ thing. Just so you know.


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2 thoughts on “dangerous habits

  1. Help yourself to some extra daylight from Finland; I’ll swap you for some dark English night time.

  2. The weather is starting to improve here, I can’t wait bring on summer! beach beach beach 🙂

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