Exercise fail

So I didn’t get those invoices done until 11.30, and therefore missed ballet. That evening I couldn’t bring myself to go to Zumba. The next day I went out for dinner with Paula and Maribeth and got home too late to go to Capoeira.

I desperately need to get more exercise. I’ve cut down on the amount of desserts I eat, but not enough. It’s so hard to say no when it’s being offered to you every single night (and sitting on the help-yourself shelf all day the next day).

On the plus side I’m making progress on my inbox at work. There’s still a bunch to do, but I think I’ve got it under control and can start getting some of my other work done instead of just answering emails for hours at a time. I’ve started a new filing system, but haven’t transferred everything over yet. I still don’t have my own sign-in for our booking system, but once I do I’ll have access to the letter templates and will be able to set up a more efficient system for my emails without the spelling and grammar mistakes I’m forever correcting now.

I wish I knew how to do website stuff because there’s so much on the website that needs updating and I’d Love to Remove All the Random Capital Letters that are On There love to remove all the random capital letters that are on there.

There’s a literary festival on in my area next month, so I’m hoping to go to some of the talks that are on. I’m also going to be running the 5km Womens fun run for BOBATH – a charity that helps children with cerebral palsy (I need sponsors!), and hopefully going to Finland for a long weekend.

So, while the present is a little out of control (my room’s a MESS), the future is looking good.

I got to see We Will Rock You the other night with a group of Guides from Malta – it was awesome, and I love those girls.
We farewelled Alberto yesterday – I can’t believe he’s going back to Italy already. At the end of the month there are more farewells as well as welcoming ceremonies, so everything is go go go as usual, with a regular roll-over of volunteers.

It’s my mum’s birthday soon and I haven’t made a card yet. She may end up with a postcard of the queen!


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