Happy Birthday Mum!

I hope you have a fantastic day. I miss you lots and can’t wait until you come over to England to visit!

A week ago I went to Kilburn and snooped around at No 7 Plympton Road and the Black Lion pub. Why? Mum and Dad, from small towns in the North and South Islands of New Zealand (Wairoa and Pounawea to be exact), met here in London. They lived in the flat on Plympton Road together. From Dad’s slides, I gather they spent a lot of time at the pub. And my older brother’s middle name is Kilburn. So here are some photos.

The street sign

I bet the cars parked outside when Mum and Dad were there weren't that flash

The flat looked like it was empty for the summer. The pub was closed. But I got the photos. Hope it brings back memories, Mum and Dad.

And this one's for James

Back to work tomorrow. The last week was hectic – so many girl guides and girl scouts from so many countries! I’m still really enjoying it, and I’m beginning to feel like my work is under control.

Yesterday I went for a run on Hampstead Heath, which turned into a walk because I have zero motivation. Then I went into town to the Brass Rubbing Centre, which an American troop had told me was interesting. I tried to be creative and ended up making my rubbing look dumb, but I enjoyed myself and that’s the point surely. I ate a punnet of grapes in Trafalgar square, watching the tourists in the sun. And today it rained, so after waking early, having breakfast and cleaning my room, I allowed myself a day in bed with a book: White by Marie Darrieussecq.

Oh, and I opened a bank account! In England, that’s a fair achievement. It certainly wasn’t easy. But now I have a bank card, so I can spend all my money by buying theatre tickets online! Avenue Q, here I come! Tomorrow is going to be wonderful.


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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mum!

  1. hooray for bank cards and buying stuff online.

  2. Duane Harrison

    I also lived here with a bunch of kiwi’s and a single Aussie. Summers of 85 & 86. Had some fun nights @ the Lion.
    Duane – ex Palmerston North

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