Too much of stuffs

Ok, it’s clearly been a while since I last posted, and as Andrew R says, it’s dumb when that happens cos then you just get bullet points of what’s been happening. So instead, I’ve made myself a wee list of things I want to post about and I’ll treat them all separately in different posts when I get moments to spare.

Moments to spare are fleeting, however. My room is a mess, which I hate, but with so little time and so many other priorities, well…

My birthday is in 5 sleeps. Just like last year, I’m asking for donations to a good cause instead of presents (although I did get a beautiful beaded coin purse from trade-aid in the post from my Mum – but mums are allowed to break rules like that).  This year, my preferred cause is the Bobath Centre (who will feature in my next post). You can donate here:

Just before I finish this short post and get on to my next one, I’d just like to let everyone know that as far as I’m aware, all my friends in family in NZ (and Christchurch in particular) are fine after the massive earthquake. I’m still working on emailing everyone to check up, but my favourite facebook status update so far is this, from Trinyberry:

“the chimneys about to fall off and we dont have a fence and despite the carnage of our house i ddnt get hurt….until i slipped over in the frost outside hahaha..nob!!”


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