Here and there

I’ve been all over the place lately. One day I feel like I can take on the world and win; the next I feel like rolling off the edge of it. Some days at work I feel I’m really accomplishing something; others all I can think about is what a mess I’ve made of everything. Every night I go to bed exhausted and can’t fall asleep. I wake up tired and never know if today will be a good day.

It’s therefore understandable that I’m having mixed emotions about my departure for Morocco, which happens to be only 8 hours away (the departure, not the country). Will I have the energy to make the most of it? Let’s be honest, I travel for adventure, not relaxation, so I’m probably not going to have the energy for it, but hopefully I’ll get a healthy combination of both adventure and relaxation while I’m away.

I’m flying to Agadir from Gatwick tomorrow, and on the 12th, I’ll leave Fez for Stanstead. Between Agadir and Fez, anything could happen, and I have no plans.

A to B

Somewhere in there (where A is equal to Agadir and B is equal to Fez)

All I know for sure is that I don’t speak the language, and that everything will be okay.

Let’s see: I’ve renewed my library books, I’ve transferred money into my account, I’ve printed my tickets, I vaguely know where in my room to find each item I want to take with me, and I’m looking forward to the warm weather. Totally unprepared? Not quite. So, by logical reasoning, I must be ready (if the answer isn’t no, it must be yes, right?). A week away from real life (inasmuch as my existence resembles real life) will do me good, I think.

And when I get back, it’s off to see Prince Edward.


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