Wrapping up the year

My holiday in Morocco was obviously exactly what I needed, and combined with the fact that after I got back, I spent more time with people, I felt much, much better by the time closing time came around.

Pax Lodge was closed for 5 days over Christmas, although at one point we thought we might have to remain open for those stuck in London, unable to fly due to the snow. Fortunately, everyone who wanted to got home for Christmas, and though it was sad to say goodbye, it was a happy time of year. Christmas is so much more Christmassy in England than it is at home.

Christmas morning

Morgan, Andrea and Santa Claus

My favourite photo of the day

Pax Lodge family

Christmas Staff


From Christina

Volunteers: (back to front) Morgan (Canada), Brooke (IA,USA), Andrea (Austria), Amanda (MD,USA), Seung Min (S.Korea) and Azka (Pakistan)


We opened again on the 28th, and on the 29th the New Year Event began. This was the first event that I was in charge of. It was tiring, but a lot of fun.

Catching the routemaster

Louise, Liz, Azka and I at Hamley's

Abbey Road

It's true

As the Germans say: Happy slide into the new year!


We welcomed the New Year under the Fireworks on the Thames with a perfect view of the London eye, and finished the week exhausted.

After Louise and Liz left, I had three full-on days getting my updated first aid qualification with Katie, Ruth, Susan, Tirian and Maia (and our awesome instructor Gemma). Ken? Ken? KEN!

“Hello, my name is your name; I’m an emergency responder. May I help you?”

I’ve started the New Year in a good frame of mind. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things and have decided that this will be a positive year. My resolutions are to not fly anywhere (to save the planet – I took almost 20 flights last year!) and to learn to walk on stilts.


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