Hello, goodbye

In case any of you don’t know yet, on Sunday, I ran 5km dressed as Batgirl in the Do It For Charity 5km Superhero run in London’s Regent’s Park. With the help of my Batgirl twin Cat from Wales, I ran the whole way, and we finished in about 35 minutes – although we weren’t really timing.

In addition to our batgirl costumes, we wore glittery crowns with the WAGGGS trefoil on the front, because we, along with Anto, Brooke, Verena and Sarah from Pax Lodge, and Paul, Dipak, Gerry, Bernadette (SuperGuide), Sally and Malathi from the World Bureau, were raising money for a non-profit organisation that means a lot to me: the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. Although I haven’t been an active leader since 2008 (the last time I was in New Zealand on any kind of permanent basis), I remain involved in Guiding, and I am grateful for the opportunities it has given me. As a guide, I am one of 10 million girls and women around the world. The vast distances between New Zealand and the rest of the world have become smaller; I have arrived in foreign countries to strangers who accept me as an old friend; I have made a difference in many many girls’ lives, and I know that my voice as a female and as a young person is heard. If you would like to help me reach my target of £100, please donate here (the photo is a lifelike rendition of myself. Oh, and definitely click on the word ‘dance’ – Truly. Freaking. Amazing).

I had the next couple of days off and was fortunate to be able to spend time with the lovely Paula once more. She was a volunteer at Pax Lodge when I arrived last summer and has come back from Finland for the summer again (before ducking over to Canada for a semester… lucky girl!) I did miss my Paula. I also spent some quality time with Cat.

Tuesday was a sad day, saying goodbye to Rose, a resident volunteer who had to cut her time here short and head home early.

Rose's Farewell in the London Phonebox in our stairwell

It’s always sad to see someone go, but especially so when it’s unexpected. I’m beginning to dread saying goodbye to my Pax Lodge family when it’s time for me to leave at the end of June.

Of course, the only good thing about people leaving is that we get new people! Tonight we had a welcoming ceremony for Vani (Argentina), Hannah (USA), Paula (Finland), Rachael (Melbourne, Australia) and Sarah (NT, Australia). It’s always nice to welcome new people into the Pax family, and I really do like our welcome ceremonies. We learn about the new people arriving, we present them with their Pax Lodge pin,  we sing the Pax Lodge song, light candles and renew our promises before singing taps in all the languages we know. It’s a really sweet ceremony.

In other news, I tidied my room (Cat couldn’t believe her eyes; Margaret squealed and hugged my floor. I’m not kidding, this is actually big news); and in one week, I gained half the weight I’ve lost over the past 5 months… not doing so flash on the Slimming World front!

The sun continues to shine and the world is a delightful place to be.


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One thought on “Hello, goodbye

  1. What are you plans for after june?

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