It’s Monday… but it’s okay!

I’ve had an excellent week and I’m working on some blog posts that reflect the awesomeness of my life right now, but just at this moment, I feel the need to give thanks.

I don’t want to say, “Thank God,” because anyone who knows me knows I don’t believe in God. Usually I’d say, “Thank goodness,” but that doesn’t seem quite right. I don’t want to thank any’one’ in particular, just the world itself.


This morning I woke up at the right time, even though I’d forgotten to set my alarm.

This is made significantly more amazing by the fact that it’s a Monday.

It's Monday... but it's okay!

When I realised, I just thought, “today’s gonna be a good day!” It lifted my spirits and put me in a positive mood for the day ahead. Work seemed to go by quickly, I sat in the sunshine at lunch, and even getting drenched between the office and the tube on the way home didn’t seem like a big deal.

Life is good.


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One thought on “It’s Monday… but it’s okay!

  1. Emma, so good to feel you being happy.

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