Poems from Transit

Rough ideas, not fully formed poems.


Yesterday, London was cool
with sharp sunlight slanting through bare branches
Misty mornings
Air chilled to a crisp
Greyness filled with grey days
Here the air is warm and close
It smells like a greenhouse
Emerald leaves curtsey in the rain
Vertical tracks bend the light at the window pane
Miniature waterfalls
Outside an aeroplane reverses and
Lightning splashes across the scene
What’s above the clouds? I wonder
Thunder grows from somewhere
Deep inside the low, thick sky
To my right is a large circle of friends
One of them sobs. No-one meets his eye
Tomorrow it will be summer
Tomorrow I will still be fighting
And chips will fall away
Landing like rubble
And on the beach the waves will beat
Washing up surprises from afar
Tomorrow it will be summer.

Changi, Singapore


A flash of lightning
The porthole window
flowing between rivers
Among films
     and songs sung to myself
When you blink and the light shifts
Foreshadowing the clash
The changes coming
A breath before diving
New air. Washed in rain.
With a splash, and let the wake of it rise around you, like a parade heralding the return of a hero. Or a plane touching down in a puddle
After flying so high for so long
The delicious tummy roll  you feel when thunder tumbles around you
A flash of lightning
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