Oh, I have a blog?

I do tend to forget about this old thing I set up years ago called a blog (short for weblog, did you know? I still remember the first time I heard about this new form of journaling). Sure, blogging is mostly just glamorised navel-gazing, but I do enjoy it and I like to think that someone else, somewhere in the world occasionally enjoys reading the words I’ve pieced together.

September, apparently, is #nanoprep month. I feel it has to be written with a hashtag because the only place I ever see this term used is on twitter. NaNoWriMo 2013 is fast approaching and I have a vague chance of winning this year. More of a chance than any other year I’ve attempted it, at least.

And now for a quick round of ‘guess what it is’ – where I post a tiny portion of a photo that was too small to begin with and you try and guess what it is.

What is it?

What is it?



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6 thoughts on “Oh, I have a blog?

  1. I still read it. I’m still on here. I kind of have to be considering my theatre group’s website is run through wordpress. That, and my dream journal will never be compete (although I haven’t had a freaking dream in over a month).

    What is it? Hm. My guess is either part of a plant, or a rock formation.

    • I added Doubtful Sound to my list of cool stuff/things I support
      I’ve had many many odd dreams lately, but it’s been difficult remembering them long enough to write anything down.

      Your guess is very far off. 🙂

      Miss you. Break legs at Phaedra’s Love.

  2. i see a tongue but then it could be a petal. also some fur or feathers. also you should update your blogroll. i don’t use that blog anymore i use the one on my website which you have kindly linked to 🙂 take care. I have you blog on my rss feed so normally see it when you post 😉

    • Updated!
      Your guess is half right. Or rather, half of your guess is right.
      I will text you later if I’m still awake enough after skyping Mum and Dad to Skype you. 🙂

  3. Here’s the original image:

    And the post I found it on:

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