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I figured out why I don’t like it

I first saw the image on a flag wielded by a Black Caps supporter on the news yesterday afternoon.


I managed to hide my initial reaction – to recoil in disgust – because my flatmate chuckled at it. But I had to say something.

“That’s not a suitable flag.” I meant to show on the news, but I also meant in general.

“It’s something you pass around between your mates, but it’s not a flag,” she replied.

I agreed, because I couldn’t put into words my discomfort.

I often feel that way. I don’t speak out because I don’t have the right words.
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Confusion at Westminster

I still feel sick in my stomach when I think about the earthquake in Christchurch. When I think about those who lost their lives, and about those who are still waiting for news of their loved ones.

Last night I attended the vigil at Westminster Cathedral for the city of Christchurch. I was hoping I would find some comfort in being with others who felt the same as I do. Things didn’t really go to plan. Continue reading

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